Online Law School – A Great Option for a More Affordable Law Degree

Many people these days are trying to figure out what their next career move will be given the current state of the economy. While this question has always been a tough one in the past, the decision would usually present itself in a short period of time. For some the answer was graduate school, even with the high expense, and for others the answer was to start a job that might turn into a career. Today, however, with many family support networks also feeling the pinch of hard economic times, and fewer job openings to choose from, the decision seems more like a nightmare.

To further complicate matters, an undergraduate degree that is limited in scope and applicability may even make finding a position incredibly difficult. For example, a person with a degree in environmental science who wanted and expected to find employment in an engineering or environmental science field is now learning that the construction and building sector has still not recovered from the housing crash.

A sad analogy could be made to the classic story of the three little pigs. In the case of the recently graduated college student their education has prepared them but only to build a house made of straw, not wood or bricks. In other words, their skills are not transferable to other job positions and when the proverbial wind blows, as we have all seen and experienced with the current economic climate, their house is blown down.

One way to avoid that situation is to receive the type of education that is well rounded and is applicable to many different positions and careers and that allows a person to be flexible and have options to choose from given the current economic situation. One option is to attend law school. While this might not seem obvious at first glance, upon further examination, law school is one of the only choices that provides a well rounded educational experience that can help make an individual truly capable and prepared to take on a number of career paths.

In our society law school is the only option to best become a sort of renaissance individual, and capable of choosing what they will do for a living. Such an education can give a person the breath of knowledge and the educational training to succeed in a variety of careers and positions. An education in the law requires a person to understand and become competent in a variety of areas that may not be evident at first glance. In addition to the multitude of areas of law that range from Torts to Real Estate to Immigration and Divorce to the less obvious skills required in understanding legal matters such as knowledge of history and politics and the ability to write and think in a critical manner. In other words, by attending law school you will become a truly well rounded individual with knowledge and skills that are applicable across a wide spectrum of careers which ultimately will make you an excellent candidate for a variety of positions.

While the idea of attending law school may seem daunting given the time and expense involved there does exist at least one realistic and achievable option that takes full advantage of today’s technology to make that goal a reality. Online law school is the only on-line law school that provides the quality education that is required to achieve the goal of preparing one to succeed. Traditional law school is generally too expensive to seriously consider attending. Online law schools are not. Because the school is on-line there is no campus and all of the expense associated with a large facility. The fees are very reasonable, especially compared to traditional existing law schools.

Online law schools offer real time classes that make the most of existing technology. The classes at Online law schools are offered in what is called “real time”. That means that each class has an instructor who is conducting that class in person utilizing video conferencing technology with every person in the class at the same time. Whether the professor is lecturing to the students as a group or engaging in the Socratic method and calling on one student at a time, the entire process takes place in a manner not unlike a traditional law school classroom. Each student can engage the professor as well as watch and learn from others as they ask and answer questions. And of course, like in a traditional classroom, students can engage with one another to speak and to share insights.

It does not happen that often a person has the opportunity to experience and fully utilize the advancements in technology that have occurred in our society. The technology that Online law schools are utilizing, just of few short years ago the notion of speaking to another person while viewing them simultaneously was unheard of by the average person. The technology existed but was only used by large and wealthy corporations or found in science fiction movies depicting some future society. For the students at Online law schools that future reality is now.