Stylish Contemporary Office Furniture Takes a Leap Into the Future

These days more and more offices interior designers are opting for contemporary furniture, which radiates a clean, fresh professional look. Using a wide variety of laminates, veneers, textiles, metal, and wood, new products on the market offer extensive choice, aesthetic harmony, high performance and reduced environmental impact.

Contemporary office furniture can be high impact. Clients often feel that offices with contemporary furniture are dynamic and moving towards the future, so clients prefer collaborating with such businesses. Where once high-tech furniture just looked economical, this furniture also looks classy and elegant.

Modern furniture includes items made with simple, contemporary materials, in simple lines and basic geometric designs. This furniture style is sleek in nature and imparts a contemporary and refined look to the office. They also possess the quality of blending with the rest of the furnishing items in the work place. Hence, they do not look odd for any office decor. However, even before you actually buy contemporary furniture make sure that they go well with the other items in your office.

Traditional manufacturers, are moving into the up-to-the-minute office furniture arena. Voi desking from The HON Company not only offers desks and storage for every application-private offices, semi-private offices, open plan, benching, and more-it also presents an integrated design for the entire workplace.

Designed to meet the needs of any user, layered work surfaces, practical storage components, versatile materials, and compact footprints can be personalized to achieve the right mix of functionality and style. Refined scale and compact configurations allow you to enhance the efficiency of your space without sacrificing the efficiency of your people. The variety of storage options-including credenzas that fit neatly below work surfaces to create a highly functional layering effect-gives you more desk in the same footprint as your current desk.

DeskMakers is well-known for its capabilities to produce custom laminate and wood veneer office furniture. All DeskMakers products are built-to-order. This allows you to customize your furniture with an almost infinite variety of finishes, sizes, and configurations.

When buying contemporary office furniture look for the best laminate, veneer, and hardwood materials, as well as top-quality stains, hardware, and edge banding, Name brand manufacturers with a good reputation will have an attention to detail which makes for office furniture with first-class fit, finish, and styling.

Make sure your office reflects not only your style, but also your innovative abilities, respect for your clients, and competitive edge. So, now you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to create a first class, contemporary, sleek office.

5 Tips To Choose The Best Door Hardware

Door Hardware or in other words door furniture refers to items attached to the door to beautify its appearance and boost its functionality. Door hardware includes door handles, hinges, locks, fasteners and other accessories like door closers and openers, door knockers, door stops, peepholes, fingerplates etc. Depending upon the type of door you will be installing and its location, you would have to decide which aspect would you want to give more preference, safety or the style of your home. Here are a few tips to help you out with your selection


You would want to ensure the safety of your family at all times. Locks are a very important part of your hardware. Deadbolt locks are most commonly preferred. It is advisable to opt for simple locks instead of high end complicated ones, as they are not reliable and require lots of maintenance. Weak hinges are common places where intruders and burglars tend to attack. Exterior doors of your house should open inward as in this case the hinge pins would be safe inside the house. Stainless steel and brass hinges are mostly used because of their durability. Screws used to secure locks and hinges should be long enough to hold against an intruder. Peepholes and security chains are also very important. Make sure peepholes are one way so that the person standing outside your door cannot see when you come to take a look.

Attachments and accessories

Door attachments like door knockers, address plates, towel hangers etc. add to the functionality of your home. Door stops are very useful as they prevent open doors from swinging into a wall or furniture and causing damage. Door openers keep open doors from closing automatically. Knobs and handles made of wood, porcelain, brass, cast iron and glass can be used for your cabinets.

Interior Hardware

Door pulls could be used instead of door locks. These pulls can be used on kitchen doors to allow hands-free operation. Bathrooms and bedrooms could use privacy locks which have no keys, but can be locked on the inside by a push button on the door knob.

Keep in mind the décor of your home

You can choose doorknobs, handles and levers which are available in different styles and designs to suit the interior décor of your home. There are also a variety of colors like gold and silver and finishes of bronze, nickel, brass and chrome you can opt for.


Always keep the budget in mind. Sit and chalk out how many doors you would like to have in your home and how you would like to accessorize them accordingly. Once you have drawn a figure, it will be easy for you to avoid expensive brands and pick one that matches up your budget.

You should do proper research before you pick your door hardware so that you get the right product that fits your requirement. Choosing the right hardware for your door will not only add style and accentuate the décor of your home, but also provide lasting security and peace of mind.

Safeguard Your Antique Wooden Furniture from Molds

Old and antique pieces are often prone to develop mold on them, if not taken
proper care of. Mold or mildew can be better described as a kind of fungus which
is mostly found in damp and humid regions. This mold can easily be located on
bits of wood, natural clothes or any substance which is even the slightest touch
of organic elements like soil or food. This is one of the main reasons why
antique wood furniture is more susceptible to develop mold on them. Several ways
on how to clean mold from antique wood furniture are discussed here below.

One of the most important questions which bother individuals is how to clean
molds from antique wood furniture. Though there are several mold preventers
available in the market today, it is better to observe proper precautions to
prevent antique wood furniture become mold-infested. These preventive measures
include removing any traces of dampness and cleaning the furniture regularly.

The mildew fungus requires a temperature of at least 75 degrees to 85 degrees
Fahrenheit. People often tend to confuse this mildew fungus with dust and
ignore it. Individuals who come across mold on antique wooden furniture can
check it by placing a little amount of chlorine on it. If the spot on the
furniture is mildew fungus, the spot will automatically disappear.

People often keep their antique wooden furniture which is not being use
currently in their basements. Basements are one of the target areas where mold
develops on wooden furniture. This primarily happens because basements are often
the most neglected and damp areas of a house with little or no access to any
form of direct sunlight. The area, in which antique furniture is placed, should
always be well-ventilated and regularly cleaned in order to prevent accumulation
of molds.

There are also high chances of an underground basement being continually wet
because of leaking pipe fittings or faulty/outdated hardware settings.
Accumulation of molds on antique wooden furniture can be reduced significantly
if proper stress is laid on the implementation of good quality waterproofing
materials and hardware solutions. Stagnant water should never be allowed near
wooden furniture as it acts as the breeding ground for the mold causing fungi.

People are often worried about methods on how to clean mold from antique wood
furniture. This can be easily done by cleaning the surface of antique furniture
with a mild detergent. This should be immediately followed up by rubbing off the
furniture with a dry cloth to remove any traces of dampness.

Several other methods which can be adopted to remove mold from antique
furniture include using powerful cleaners which are specially designed to
eliminate any trace of mold from antique furniture and make it shining again
like brand new. Though, a patch test should be carried out to check whether
these cleaners do not distort the look of the furniture. But generally, these
cleaners made from wax are a sure-shot way to eliminate mold from furniture and
prevent its recurrence as it forms a protective layer over the surface of the
wooden furniture.

Bedroom Furniture – A Home Furnishings Buyer’s Guide

Touring a major furniture plant a few years ago, I was surprised to see both high-end and value-priced bedroom furniture manufactured in the same plant with similar materials. It taught me that value-priced furniture does not always mean, “cheap construction.” While many of us like brand names, good quality and a nice look can still be obtained without the brand name price tag.

When buying bedroom furniture, there are several things you can do prior to your purchase to test for quality. In particular, with the bed, when looking for sturdiness, pull on the headboard or footboard. Is there a lot of movement? If so, examine why. A wobbly bed can spell trouble in a year or two. If the bed doesn’t budge when pulled, that’s a plus.

It is also important that your bed come ready to properly support the size mattress that it is intended to hold. Most mattress manufacturers require that any bed queen size or larger have a center support rail with a foot at the center to help prevent the mattress from sagging in the middle. Make sure your queen size or larger bed has this, as well as at least two other wood slats (near the head and foot of the bed) to provide proper support. Once installed, these slats should be properly attached to the bed frame to further aid in the overall sturdiness of the bed.

There is a common misconception that solid wood is always the more sturdy option when it comes to bedroom furniture construction. Though solid wood many times is an excellent choice, it can also be more susceptible to expansion and contraction, as well as cracking, more so than say, plywood construction.

It is the beauty and the story of solid wood that usually peaks our interest. The idea that a lumberjack chopped down a tree and forged a bed for your lounging pleasure is certainly romantic. But when it comes to sturdiness, a plywood construction with wood veneer to make it more beautiful is often just as resilient and less likely to suffer the woes of expansion and cracking. If you are trying to save money, this type of construction is very reliable, while usually less expensive than solid wood.

Some would ask, “What about MDF? Am I in trouble if my bed has MDF in it?”

To reflect back to my trip to the furniture manufacturer several years ago, even the high-end furniture I saw being produced had medium-density fiberboard (MDF) in certain sections of the furniture where support of the bed was not critical. Any MDF in your bed should be in decorative, non-supportive areas, and because it is not pretty, should be hidden or covered with wood veneer.

When examining other pieces of bedroom furniture such as dressers, nightstands, and other storage furniture, much of the construction issues previously stated ought to also be taken into consideration. When examining storage drawers, look for a jointing technique called dovetail joints on drawer fronts and backs. Do the drawers feel flimsy when they slide in and out? If so, this is a red flag. Always attempt to remove the drawer to examine the construction, or if it does not remove easily, ask your furniture store salesperson to assist you.

Also look for well-attached metal or wood hardware on drawer fronts. Again, don’t be afraid to pull and test the pieces with which you want to examine. If the salesperson doesn’t want you to touch and feel the bedroom furniture, that is another red flag. Turn and leave, no matter how inexpensive the furniture is, and go buy from someone willing to help demonstrate the bedroom furniture’s sturdiness.

When buying online, look to home furnishings sites that adequately describe or demonstrate product quality. Pictures can sometimes be deceiving, and though something might look pretty, try to find more details about how the furniture is constructed. Some sites even use video to demonstrate the quality of their bedroom furniture, helping you make your decision before you buy.

You know what you like. It usually hits you when you see it. But whether you like clean, modern lines, or traditional furniture, make sure that what you pay for is well constructed. Your furniture is an investment, and it should serve you well for many years to come.

Home Decor is Essential But Without Door Furniture It’s Impossible

Home decor is a very tricky business to get into. It requires strategic planning, decision making and careful budgeting. Ever thought what would you do to bring a sudden face lift to your home? Something that brings a sense of achievement and satisfaction to you each day when you come home after a long, draining day of boring work? Are you sick of the mundane furnishings in your home? By changing just a few things, you can create an exciting mood, imbibe a consistent design theme in your home. It does not necessarily mean that you will need a lot of money to change the look. A bit of thoughtful planning can do the trick and make your home look absolutely beautiful.

Door furniture is important

When you want to make changes in your home what you might want to do is, change your locks and door handles. Stylish and unique door handles have flooded the market. When you think of door handles, hardware shops are filled with handles that are made up of glass, brass, wood, copper and stainless steel. How you should go about buying the handles, is by settling on a theme. Once you know what you want then you can go for an elegant piece of door handle. If you have a rich, mahogany teak wood door then perhaps you can install an antique brass door handle that compliments the richness of your facade. Or if you have the finances then you can mull over ordering a custom made designer glass door handles that comes studded with semi precious and precious gemstones, and create a lovely atmosphere. Or if yours are modern furnishings then you can go for a rather streamlined, modern cut stainless steel piece. It will definitely add finesse to your home.

Another way to add the glamour and sparkle to your home is by repainting your old furniture. You can even take your same old, boring drawer chest, paint a new coat and voila. For a bigger boost and install a brand new set of door handles. What it does to mundane piece of furniture is that it cheers it up and obviously very little money goes in to it. Door handles can also be added on all four sides of a coffee table, or on strategic locations depending upon your aesthetics. You can even use them as a replacement of a coat rack or a hat rack. There are so many things you can do with it to create variety.

Change the setting completely

Rearranging the furniture can do the trick too. By putting your couch in another place, adding a few candles and adding a new set of pillow cases it changes everything completely. Change the duvet covers, invest in a cabinet and get a brand new lamp setting for a soft, gorgeous romantic setting. Your door handles will be illuminated in that setting and look completely sparkling.

Your home is your own personal space, it is gorgeous and customized. It talks of your great design skills and smart furnishings. Happy shopping, each piece counts!

Path Of Construction – House in a Box

Need a new summer home or home for your in-laws? A Katrina Cottage might be just the thing. Developed in response to one of the worst natural disasters this country has ever seen, these sturdy little go-anywhere homes are now available at the retail level and are providing a range of unexpected alternative housing solutions as far from the Gulf Coast as Minnesota. The good design of these adaptable cottages make them attractive to people looking to develop vacant land, build a modest home or add value to an existing property. Uses include:

- lake front house or mountain home

- place to shack up while building a larger residence or building on undeveloped land

- income generating guest house or rental

- practical in-law house or house for returning children

- student housing

- they also make fabulous green homes for people looking to reduce their environmental footprint.

The concept of buying your home in box isn’t new. In 1908, you could buy a house kit out of the Sears cataloge for as little as $107. It’s estimated that 100,000 DIY homes were picked out of the cataloge, delivered by train and assembled by eager families between 1908 and 1940 all across America.

All the plans and materials for a Katrina cottage can be had for as little as $30K, but the house requires its own foundation and in most cases – a professional builder. Still, the average cottage can be up in less than two months and some can be up in less than a week. Though some of the award winning designs take up a scant 400 square feet, they’re designed for expansion. Over time, the small homes can be added on to.


Created in response to the need for emergency housing after hurricane Katrina hit the southern United States and the gulf coast, the cottages were meant to supplant the ugly and impermanent FEMA trailers that filled ravaged cities and outlying areas after the storm. More than 200,000 homes suffered major damage and 50,000 homes were obliterated by the storm. Because the devastation was so widespread and the need for housing so great – proponents of the Katrina Cottage movement realized that if speed in rebuilding were the main priority, “revitalizing” the devastated historic communities of the south would leave behind a landscape that lacked style to say the least.

Sparked by discussions at the Mississippi Renewal Forum in 2005, designers quickly got to work on the problem: designing a house that:

- could be built for as little as it costs to provide a FEMA trailer

- could be built quickly

- could stand up to hurricane force winds, earthquakes and other natural disasters

- met all international building codes

- could be delivered as a manufactured house, modular house, kit house, panelized house or as a site built house

- and above all – it had to look good.

The first designs emerged just months after the storm in 2005. In sync with the architectural traditions of Louisiana and Mississippi – the classic details, nine foot ceilings and quaint front porches elevate these mini-homes far above the tin-can ambiance of the FEMA trailers. They can be produced, transported and erected in a timely manner. Easy and cheap to heat, steel framed and concrete lined, they can also withstand almost anything you can throw at them including 140 mph winds and a ton of snow. Combine these qualities with their recent availability online through Lowes stores in the US, and we may be seeing a lot more of these mini-homes in years to come.

Plumbing Supply – Significance While Constructing House!

It’s a common fact that plumbing is one of the most common and vital need while constructing a house or building. Now-a-days it is impossible to made a house without these supplies. So, to overcome the needs and requirements of a house numerous types and qualities of plumbing supplies are easily available in the market. But the question arises is that what type or kind of plumbing supply is best and suitable. Here, in this article, I will tell you some basic techniques and significance of these supplies.

So, to find good plumbing supplies it is better to consult a skilled and professional plumber. A lot of good plumbing companies are also providing their services at affordable rates. Usually, main supplies which are quite necessary while constructing a home are toilets, sinks, bath tubs, faucets, dish washers and water heaters. All of these plumbing goods are available in the market at different rates and quality, mainly their price varies according to their quality. Higher the quality of plumbing supply higher will be its price.

Buying expensive plumbing supplies is not a good option, always try to buy those plumbing goods that are comfortable for you and fits you and your requirements. Buying expensive and stylish plumbing equipments is not always a good deal. It’s my advice that before buying equipments for your bathroom or kitchen do check that either they suits your requirements or not. There should be no compromise in the quality of these supplies because these things are meant to be used for long time duration. Always try to buy good quality plumbing supplies instead of low-quality supplies.

Lastly, in many cases it has been seen that, most of the people in sense of saving money tried to repair their plumbing supplies and they really messed up. So, I highly suggests you that don’t do this at your houses because you are going to make things worse rather than making them better. Always hire a professional plumber for repairing or installing new supplies.

Good News For New Construction: Housing Starts Up 24% Over Last Year

After seeing new construction home sales in the Treasure Valley drop five years in a row, the Boise Real Estate market could finally be experiencing a reverse in that trend. With homebuyers struggling to find suitable housing on the open market, more Boiseans are starting to look at building a new home instead of purchasing an existing one. Eagle, Idaho is looking especially promising-seeing more building permits issued in 2011 than it saw in 2006.

The move towards home building could be a result of the fact that the Boise housing market is experiencing a shortage of homes for sale due to foreclosure listings dropping by over 50% in one year, and non-distressed sellers refraining from listing their homes because market home prices remain low. It seems people that have the money to buy a home who aren’t finding what they want are taking advantage of still drastically reduced lot prices and choosing to build instead.

Though growth in the single family construction market is up, the main source of the rush in new building permits in the 4th quarter of 2011 came from construction of multi-family buildings. Either way, increased building is good news for the many laid-off workers in Boise’s once booming construction industry.

Nationwide numbers look good, too: Housing starts were up over 24% in November compared to last year, and up 9.3% from October. New Housing starts have been picking up over the second half of 2011, after dropping 22.5% in Feb, which was the largest monthly decline since 1984.

This is exactly the news everyone was hoping to hear since a surge in the new construction market means a surge in the job market. Statewide, Idaho unemployment is the best is has looked in a couple years. Let’s all hope these numbers continue to improve, and 2012 brings even more jobs for Idahoans and more homebuyers getting just the home they want-whether bought or built.

Is a Garden Space Still Important for a New Construction House?

The demand for new construction homes continues to soar as many young professionals realize the importance of securing their future. Location and beauty are two primary factors that affect the decisions of first time home buyers. Location refers to proximity to various important places like job sites, schools, churches, markets, and healthcare facilities. Beauty refers to the appeal imparted by the design inside and outside of the house. Internal beauty is obtained with the colors given by paint and by the functionality given by the furniture and fixtures found on its parts. External beauty commonly refers to the appeal as imparted by garden, lawns, and other external decors. But in today’s world where houses increase in prices, do garden spaces still matter?

Considering the string of benefits that garden spaces bring, many home developers are still in consensus that they are still important elements of new construction homes. One benefit that is obviously obtained in garden spaces is the additional beauty it gives to the outside of the house. Isn’t it very refreshing to see colorful flowers swaying to the gentle blow of the wind while you stare at them from your veranda? Perhaps you’ll love the fresh air that small trees and shrubs give as you conduct a family picnic in your roofed patio.

Garden spaces can be located on the front yard. This is the very common plan imposed by developers. Gardens of this type are where ornamental plants are generally grown. Backyard gardens are typically planted with vegetable and fruit-bearing plants. Considering the variety of plants you can grow on your garden space, you’ll have the additional benefit of having a source of fresh flowers for decoration. You can also harvest fresh fruits and vegetables and include them in your meals and drinks. If you are business-minded, you can also make them as additional sources of income.

Gardens and lawns are also important in the ventilation of the house. As players of the carbon-oxygen cycle, the plants in them contribute to fresh air that can circulate in your house. The trees and shrubs provide natural shade and help you keep refreshed on warm days.

On other insight, appealing and well-maintained gardens and lawns can actually contribute to higher market value of a house. Why? Because many home buyers who purchase second homes for use as rental homes or vacation houses look for the green appeal. Thus, the more beautiful and maintained a garden is, the more it can contribute to upgrading a home’s market value.

If you are on the process of looking for a new construction home, make sure that it has plans for a garden or a lawn. A home with a garden will reward you with benefits in terms of eco-beauty appeal.

Considering a New Construction House? Consider This

Being able to build your own home from the ground up is certainly exciting. Nothing beats being able to decide exactly how every inch of your whole home looks – on your own! However, you don’t want to get too wrapped up in every inch that you forget about all the other important things requiring your attention. If you are considering a new construction house, be sure to consider the following.

Have it Inspected

The key to making a new construction house project really work is making sure you have the house inspected so you can follow up with the builder in time to remedy the problems before you move in.

Hire a Real Estate Agent

It’s common for buyers to feel they don’t need a real estate agent when they’re building a new construction house in a new or gated community. That’s what the on-site sales agent is for, right? Believe it or not, that’s not really the case. The sales representative works for the seller, who in this case is the developer; thus they are not there to protect your best interests. So while you may think they are taking care of everything for you and explaining all the paperwork, it’s important you get someone on your side. Because the builder pays the commission of your real estate agent in the new construction house process, there is absolutely no reason not to have one!

Check Out Your Builder

You want to give your builder a thorough background check, just like you would do for a potential employee you may hire, because they are, in essence, working for you.Look for things like their standing with your state’s Construction Contractor’s Board, and that there are no pending law suits or judgements against them.

Don’t Forget the Fine Print

Many of the purchase contracts builders use are much different from the state-issued documents used by real estate agents. Be sure to review each page of every contract carefully. You should also have your attorney and real estate agent read them before you sign anything. Most of the builders’ contracts are put in place just to protect their company and not you, the buyer, so make sure your agent or attorney make addendums to each of these disclosures so you are protected in every aspect of your purchase.

What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

Buyers oftentimes have a ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude when it comes to building a new construction house and comparing it to the model home. Model homes are usually decked out from doorstep to roof, and include many high-end light fixtures, appliances, trim and paint work, architectural details and much more. Don’t make assumptions when it comes to these extras and ask the sales agent for a complete list of the extras that come with the model home as well as your own.